Common Northern Nevada Insects

Common Insects found on Tree, Shrub and Flower in Northern Nevada

The following are a list of insects commonly found in northern Nevada that can or do damage to your Trees, Shrubs and other foliage.

Aphids: Primarily foliage and fruits are injured by the piercing-sucking nymphs and adult aphids. Aphid activity is indicated by curled, twisted and stunted leaves and in moderate to heavy numbers, honey dew is evident (looks like someone spray painted the leaves with clear glossy paint). These symptoms are especially visible on the tender terminal growth of new shoots and clusters.  The Green Peach Aphids (Myzus persicue) are an example of one of the most destructive species in the state. The eggs overwinter on twigs, around buds, or in crevices in the bark. They begin hatching in the spring just as the buds are in the green tip stage. Green Peach aphids may remain on primary host plants throughout summer, but they usually migrate to other host: garden vegetables, ornamentals, weeds or grasses. Aphids can be controlled during the dormant stage with a dormant spray. Early spring application of contact insecticides just as the leaves unfurl is the most effective control. A systemic treatment is also very effective on most all non fruit bearing trees, shrubs and Roses.

Elm-Leaf Beetles are very common pest of elm trees. Larvae (grubs) are mottled with black or brown and feed on elm leaves. Damage to the leaves is characteristic, called skeletonizing, since the beetles typically feed between the larger leaf veins. Typically there are two or three generations of the beetle during a growing season. Often they migrate into living spaces where they are nuisance. Activity is largely suspended during the coldest months. A systemic treatment gives the most effective control if applied before foliage starts to appear.

Boxelder Bugs are members of the order Hemiptera. Hemiptera are characterized by their dissimilar pairs of wings. When the wings are folded, membranous tips of the front wings overlap to form a more or less distinct red X on the back. Food for nymphs and adults is normally the foliage of Boxelder and maple trees, but they often also feed on young fruit of apples, cherries, grapes peaches and plums. Feeding causes dimples and deformation of the fruit. Boxelder bugs often become serious nuisance pests at they move into homes for shelter during fall. Bites on humans are rare. They cannot reproduce and do not feed on household items. Red eggs are laid in the cracks of the bark of Boxelder trees in the spring by the hibernating adult females. Removal of female Boxelder trees has been recommended as the bugs thrive on Boxelder seeds. Chemically spraying the infested areas is the method of treatment recommended.

Spider Mites (family Tetranychidae) are destructive pests of shade and fruit trees. Each Spider Mite has a pair of needle-like stylets or teeth which rupture cells of the leaf tissue. The mouth of the spider mite then is pushed into the torn cells, and the cell sap is consumed. The feeding action causes fine flecking or strippling of the foliage. They produce very heavy silk webbing and are distributed by being blown about on strands of silk. Heavy infestation causes defoliation, failure of fruit to color properly, and heavy fruit drop prior to harvest. Apple, pear, plum, poplar, willow, aspen and juniper are some of the common species which serve as hosts for spider mites. Chemically spraying the infested areas is the method of treatment recommended.

scaleScale_insectScale is a major pest of fruit and ornamental trees. It is inconspicuous and usually not noticed until large numbers cover the limbs. Scale infects branches, shoots, leaves and fruit. They suck the plant juices and weaken branches and main scaffold limbs causing permanent injury to mature trees. Limbs become covered with soft or hard shell scales in masses and the leaves wilt and die, with oozing often present. A systemic treatment in the winter months or dormant oil spray in the spring is the recommended treatment.






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